La 54è Biennale de Venise en 2011











Exhibition venues
Venice: Giardini and Arsenale (4 June > 27 November 2011)
Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Closed on Mondays (except Monday 31 October and 21 November, 2011)
Ticket offices
Giardini / Arsenale (Tana, Vergini)
Ca’ Giustinian (S. Marco 1364/A)
Web sites
www.labiennale.org - www.labiennalechannel.org
How to get to the exhibition venues
from Piazzale Roma / Railway Station:
to Arsenale: lines ACTV 1, 41
to Giardini: lines ACTV 1, 2, 41, 51, 61 (from Piazzale Roma only)



L'oeuvre que j'ai préférée:

Full screening of The Clock by Christian Marclay


The Clock (2010) is a 24-hour film made out of more than one thousand film clips. Each clip contains a visual, verbal or sound reference to passing time. Narrated time and real time coincide because every indication of time in the film corresponds to the actual time at the moment. The Swiss-American artist, born in 1955, explains the origin of this project that took him three years to complete: “I wondered if it was possible to put together a film based on fragments of other films which have an explicit reference to time, a clock, a phrase, the indication of time of departure or arrival, and this over the space of an entire day, from one minute after midnight to the following midnight. The idea appealed to me and I started working on it”. Acclaimed by international critics and appreciated by the visitors to the exhibition, The Clock is a celebration of film imagery, a meditation on story-telling and the expression of the post-modern simultaneity of present and past. For the international Jury of the 54th Exhibition, chaired by Hassan Khan, “Marclay has over the past 30 years made the boundaries between artistic forms and genres irrelevant. The Clock is definitely a masterpiece”.

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